Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Datsun redi-GO

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

The Datsun redi-GO is a wonderful piece by Nissan. This car is now ready to hit the roads. It is cost effective as it helps to save a great deal of fuel which indeed is the need of the hour. The fuel prices go up almost every next day and with this rise in price, the Datsun redi-Go is a saviour. It runs at 25.17 kilometre per litre.

The Datsun redi-GO is a car that is designed in a way that it can stay out for longer. First the fuel efficiency and now also the space. Most cars have very limited space for those siting behind but Datsun redi-GO breaks the stereo type. It has ample of knee space for the passengers seated behind. Not just that but also there is a boot space of 222 litres which is blessing if you are travelling long distances and have too much luggage.

This car is designed keeping in mind the weather and the horrid heat of India. This is why there is superior air conditioning and power windows. The switch of these windows is right next to the manual gear making it very easy for both the driver as well as the co-driver to operate it.
So one can say without a doubt that Datsun redi-GO is the best travel companion. There is excellent air conditioning, room space, enough and more space for the luggage and also a music system, who doesn’t like listening to music while travelling. It has AUX, radio, CD, MP3 and USB all in one audio system. Datsun redi-GO also has 12V outlet that lets you charge your phones and other electronic devices on the go. Isn’t the Datsun redi-GO best travel companion ever?

This car is the most pocket friendly car ever. It is available at a starting price of only 2.38 lakhs. Maintaining Datsun redi-GO is also very cheap. It is about 32% cheaper to maintain this car as compared to the other competing cars. Besides the fabric used for the seats is that used in a sports car thus giving the passengers a premium experience at such a reasonable price.

Well the three words that come in my mind looking at this car are FUN, REEDOM and CONFIDENCE. It would be a complete pressure to drive this sporty and classy car. I would love to experience this premium ride. It gives freedom to the driver as it provides a great mileage. This car is meant to stay out for long and thus providing all the freedom that one can ask for. The Datsun redi-GO is for the confident youth, for the liberal and the courageous youth. This car comes with daytime lamps with ensures safety of the passengers and also of those on the road. This daytime lamp feature of the Datsun redi-GO surely does the job of boosting the driver’s confidence. High stance of this car provides an opti-view and thus enables the driver to have a better view of the roads and the surroundings.

I would without a doubt want to test the new Datsun redi-GO. I would want to test for its fuel efficiency in the city of Mumbai, considering the Mumbai traffic.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Stayzilla, well the app name itself speaks a lot about the app and its great features. The first time when I was reading about the description of the app on play store, I was totally overwhelmed to learn that there exists an app like this, which gives you the freedom to be a host or the guest. We stay in a society where travelling comes as part and parcel of daily living sometimes for work while the other times for leisure, in both such scenarios an app like this totally fits the bill.

Well, before I go on praising about the app and create more suspense let me share with you a few amazing features of the app which will make it impossible for you to resist using this. Stayzilla allows you to firstly play the role of a host or of guest depending upon the situation you are in, also you can choose to be both at any given time. Besides the best part is that the app allows you to choose your own buddy, now isn’t this something cool. A room buddy while you are on a trip official or personal. Let me elaborate a little more on this feature, so the app lets you put in some key information about yourself which include your interests, your hobbies and so on. In this manner you can get to stay with a person who shares the same interest and make the person your room buddy or a buddy for lifetime. Now this in one amazing feature where you connect with different people and experience new things. Apart than this the app has some affordable stay arrangements which don’t pinch the pocket too much.

These are a few features according to me which make me give a thumps up to the app and the concept behind creating the app. Because the idea or concept behind creation of this app is totally to connect people and build relations. I totally love the app and the concept of having an app like this. Go ahead and check out the app now!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Look up

Holding onto hope. Holding onto life. Being positive. Being an optimist.
It is not easy, I do agree. We are all sailing in the same boat. But I also realise and learn from life that life is 90% of how we see it and 10% of what actually happens to us. Everything is destined, I agree. But it for us to change things we don’t like and it was for us to make our life better. It is we who can do something about it, nobody other than us can bring the change we want to see in life. It is we who know best what we want for ourselves.
Thus it becomes very important to stay positive and to hold onto hope. Life will have its own trials. Each day is going to be a new challenge. Every now and then we will be required to prove our might but no we don’t have to give up. We have to be positive. We are supposed to be holding onto hope.
There are people who don’t even get a single meal and we think our troubles are too big. There are people starving for food, dying out of starvation. There are people fighting for their basic rights and here are we complaining that we don’t have a good life. We must look up to them, even a single packet of biscuit can bring a smile on someone’s face and we talk about having a poor life.
It’s important to be positive and love our lives because it is only once that we live and if we live a life full of negativity and pessimism, the whole purpose of living is only destroyed.
Sharing a little story of optimism with you all. I was on my way to work when I saw this lady who was blind. I went up to her as I saw she was struggling to cross the road. I asked her if she needed help but she said that she was all good. She can manage. I found that to be a little rude but I saw her struggling even more and that’s when I grabbed her hand and made her cross. She was happy, she said thanks my child. She then told me the reason why she refused to take my help at first. She said that she has been on her own since very long, her won children don’t have the time to come and see her. She has no complaints. Nothing to be angry about. She is happy that her children are happy. She has learned to live this way. She has learned to stay on her own and that’s why my help was a little unusual. Yet again she confirmed that she was happy as long as her children were happy. Not just that also she said that she was going to get operated real soon and then things would be much better once she had her eyesight back.
This I think is the true spirit of life. Being positive always. Optimism is difficult to practice but it is the ultimate thing. I have learnt to be optimistic from that one incident, that lady truly defined optimism for me. I #lookup to her.

Start a new life

 I have read somewhere that change is the only thing that is constant in life. People change, time changes, everything changes. Thus it becomes important for us also to change with the passing time.
Sharing this little incident with you all, what had happened was I was just trying to have fun and I happened to make a comment on one of my friends. She didn’t take that too well and got a little offended and that’s when she told me that “I have changed” I didn’t like how that came across. Although I was the one who started with the prank but that’s not why I liked it to end. I first thought that it was the fact that she is upset with me bothering me the most but only later did I realise that I was a lot more bothered by the statement she made that “I had changed” I couldn’t take that.
I thought about it and that is when I realised and I can now say that I learnt a lesson for life that Change is inevitable. Everybody changes with time and life is all about moving on. Don’t we all grow up? Isn’t that a change too? So what do we do? Stop growing up? No. We don’t do that. That’s why we should welcome changes. Changes are crucial, they are a part of growing up.
Telling you all about the biggest change I have brought in my life and that pretty much changed my life. It was this job offer that I got from Bangalore. Soon after I completed my graduation, I got this job offer to work with a bank in Bangalore. My city of residence is Mumbai, India. I had always been the family- type. I was quite a Mamma’s girl. To an extent that I was even teased at college because I used to ring her up every now and then.
So the very idea of moving to another city for work didn’t go too well with everyone at home. I too was sceptical, I too doubted if I had the courage that it takes to stay all on my own. My mother left it on me. She didn’t want her love to influence my career in any manner. She left it completely on me to decide whether I wanted to take this up or not. With a lot, hell lot of thinking I finally decided on taking it up. I knew how important this job was for my career and I knew that it was time I became independent and started to live on my own.
This was the biggest and the boldest step of my life. It takes a lot of courage to decide to live all on your own when all these years you have been overly pampered by your family. I took that step to change my life to #StartANewLife.

We are together in this journey

Optimism is the key to good life. I have always believed in being positive and having a very positive outlook towards life. Of all the lessons I have learnt from life, the most crucial of all is that positive attitude towards life can change our life. It really can change the way we lead our life. Thus it is very important that we are all always positive and optimistic.
But well it is not all that easy that it sounds. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of optimism to be always positive and this is not one man’s job. It takes a lot of love and affection to be optimistic, wondering why? Well obviously because when you have someone together with you in your journey doesn’t it seem much better? So is it with life. When we have someone with us in this journey of life then the world would seem a better place for you, for me and the entire human race.
Telling you all about how I got back optimism in my life when I was all dull and had almost given up on life. Well we all have that phase in life, right? Life is not a bed full of roses. We all see ups and downs. That is when we realise that we need somebody in our lives, somebody who understands us, somebody who knows us even better than we do, somebody who can be there for us and somebody who can bring back optimism in our lives.
There is this one person in my life too. It is none other than my best friend. She is that one person who can really bring me back to life. She has always been with me through my thick and my thin. She has always been no matter what. So there was this phase in my life, an ugly phase. Where I had a breakup, I had almost given up on life. My optimistic self was no more alive. I had become all negative. My best friend got to know of it. That very moment she came over and took me along with her. The thing with us is that we don’t have long discussions like the others would in this case. We rather keep shut about what happened and forget about it. So no advises and no suggestions. We didn’t even talk about my breakup once. We spoke about everything else but that and that is exactly what made me feel better.
It’s amazing how she understands what exactly I want and how exactly would I be able to come out of that so called ugly phase of my life. All we actually had to do was meet up and things seemed much much better. That’s when I realised that life is about being with the right kind of people, the people who understand you and not who breakup with you.
Thank you best friend for always being there and for bringing back optimism in me. We are always #together in this journey of life. 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Hi folks!
By now you all would have figured out as to how random my thoughts actually are. They keep ranging from shopping t film to travelling to food and now to Paris.
Well, I recently had a trip to Paris and I couldn’t resist but share my experience with you all.
Paris is the best place to be in. It is a tourist paradise.
What did I see?
The whole of Paris! We joined a tourist bus. Covered a lot of it if not the whole.
1.       Eiffel Tower- well obviously, nobody comes back from Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower.
2.       Chocolate Museum
3.       Cathedral
4.       Jardin des tulleries
5.       Museum of Louvre
6.       Also, the famous street of Champs Elysees.
It’s amazing! I so want to go back there. #Bloggingeverythingthatsonmymind
Also, I am going to be uploading pictures of my travel on the blog. Do check them out in the next post J

Ways to beat the heat

Hey friends!
I am glad with the kind of response I have received. I would appreciate your feedback on the same too. Also, did you all check out my blogs for a snapdeal contest? If not, then please do.
So yes, this has encouraged me to write yet another post. With summer being already being here, it is important that we are ready to deal with it. How much ever we like summer, we need to tackle with heat.
So here are ways in which we can beat the heat:
1.       Get a haircut- This I think is crucial. Getting a haircut is the best thing to so in summer. The shorter your hair in summer, the better is your summer.
2.       Hat- Grab a hat or a cap when at the beach.
3.       Sunscreen- Include it in your summer must-have unless you want to get a tan.
These three things are best ways of beating the heat. Can you think of more?