Thursday, 9 April 2015

We are together in this journey

Optimism is the key to good life. I have always believed in being positive and having a very positive outlook towards life. Of all the lessons I have learnt from life, the most crucial of all is that positive attitude towards life can change our life. It really can change the way we lead our life. Thus it is very important that we are all always positive and optimistic.
But well it is not all that easy that it sounds. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of optimism to be always positive and this is not one man’s job. It takes a lot of love and affection to be optimistic, wondering why? Well obviously because when you have someone together with you in your journey doesn’t it seem much better? So is it with life. When we have someone with us in this journey of life then the world would seem a better place for you, for me and the entire human race.
Telling you all about how I got back optimism in my life when I was all dull and had almost given up on life. Well we all have that phase in life, right? Life is not a bed full of roses. We all see ups and downs. That is when we realise that we need somebody in our lives, somebody who understands us, somebody who knows us even better than we do, somebody who can be there for us and somebody who can bring back optimism in our lives.
There is this one person in my life too. It is none other than my best friend. She is that one person who can really bring me back to life. She has always been with me through my thick and my thin. She has always been no matter what. So there was this phase in my life, an ugly phase. Where I had a breakup, I had almost given up on life. My optimistic self was no more alive. I had become all negative. My best friend got to know of it. That very moment she came over and took me along with her. The thing with us is that we don’t have long discussions like the others would in this case. We rather keep shut about what happened and forget about it. So no advises and no suggestions. We didn’t even talk about my breakup once. We spoke about everything else but that and that is exactly what made me feel better.
It’s amazing how she understands what exactly I want and how exactly would I be able to come out of that so called ugly phase of my life. All we actually had to do was meet up and things seemed much much better. That’s when I realised that life is about being with the right kind of people, the people who understand you and not who breakup with you.
Thank you best friend for always being there and for bringing back optimism in me. We are always #together in this journey of life. 

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